The Land Ethic, Summer 2020

by Andrew Weathers

Window Study 04:13
Ghee Guitar 30:00


The Land Ethic is an essay included in later printings of Aldo Leopold's book A Sand County Almanac. In it, he calls not only for an ethic of responsibility for nature, but for the people that live on it & depend on it. He positions community as something beyond human relationships. The focus is on enlarging boundaries and our own perceptions, particularly to grow beyond the mentality of The Conqueror that permeates western culture.

Increasingly, I'm less interested in the work I make being a part of a Career and more interested in that work being a part of my life. Making and releasing work has been a compulsion for me, essentially. I've done this since I was a teenager & I don't really know any other way to be. It all gets formatted into something resembling the album because that is the most easily sold & capitalism is a cancer that sucks the vitality out of every aspect of our lives.

To that end, The Land Ethic is more of a journal than anything else, maybe it's a new way of working.


released September 4, 2020

AW - field recordings, guitar, piano, synthesizer, electronics, voice

Window Study is an hour long recording of my studio window on a weekday morning, condensed, folded, and pitch-shifted. Occupied Comanche territory.

Cactus Hum Mesa contains recordings from Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, Occupied Ute territory and Cactus, Texas, Occupied Osage, Comanche and Kiowa territory. Text is a modified version of a trail guide from Mesa Verde NP.

Duff, Muskeg, Sphagnum, Singing contains recordings from the Boundary Waters, Minnesota, Occupied Ojibwe territory.

Rooftop Waves contains recording from the Boundary Waters, Minnesota, Occupied Ojibwe territory and Minneapolis, Minnesota, Occupied Dakhóta and Ojibwe territory.

Ghee Guitar is contains a recording of Gretchen making ghee & potato salad at home in Littlefield, Texas, Occupied Comanche territory and radio transmissions from Dickens County, Texas, Occupied Comanche and Kickapoo territory.

Composed, Mixed and Mastered at Wind Tide, Littlefield, TX, Occupied Comanche territory.

Cover photo from the Llano Estacado, north of Vaughn, New Mexico, Occupied Mescalero Apache territory.




Andrew Weathers Littlefield, Texas

Andrew Weathers plays Real Life Rock & Roll and lives in Littlefield, TX.

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