North Fork of the Jump

by Andrew Weathers

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Ian Whulj
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Ian Whulj Bold and reverby banjo melodies jostle and wander across gossamer organ landscapes.

Strident yang and tender yin, the two tracks are contrasting and complimentary. Both are intoxicating and transfixing – an exceptional release.


physical edition of 10 hand-dubbed & hand-made cassettes for a short run of AW solo shows in Europe following the Common Eider, King Eider Throats of Ash European tour. These two pieces were recorded in single takes on a rainy afternoon in Oakland & were performed in Phoenix & Albuquerque on the way to Littlefield, TX in March 2016.

any money earned from this release will be donated to Qilombo, a radical community center in Oakland, CA:


released July 12, 2016

Recorded March 10, 2016 at Second Dream, Oakland, CA

AW - banjo, organ

Artwork by Gretchen Korsmo